Safari in Kenya

A safari through Kenya’s national parks is one of the most beautiful experiences of the world.

Who was already in Africa knows that here the clocks tick differently and life runs more relaxed and calm. The mentality of the people is completely different and the enchanting nature also contributes to the great life.

Meat and fruit taste wonderfully fresh and the sun is reflecting in the turquoise sea.

loewenIn this fantastic country not only people and plants feel comfortable, but also animals of all kinds. Especially Kenya is known for the big biodiversity and large mammals have a beautiful home here. Most people only know them from the zoo or television. Lions, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, monkeys, hippos and many other animals are waiting to be discovered in their natural environment.

The unspoiled nature is a fantastic home and we have the unique opportunity to meet them with a trip to Kenya.
Our experienced rangers know every National Park as their hands and lead our visitors fully secure through the territory of the animals, so we get a glimpse into their lives. It is particularly important that we give them enough space so that they are not disturbed by humans.

Kenya has been exploited by poachers for a long time and from this we have learned our lesson. The Safari Tourism brings money into the country, which is used to protect and conserve the animals. Anyone who travels here not only experiences a memorable stay with paradisiacal nature, wildlife bastivorkiliand a wide range of services, but also plays an active role in protecting the wild.

We have many exclusive safari trips for you, which will give you the fabulous chance to literally go into the lion’s den and to experience some of the most powerful representatives of the animal kingdom.

Whether you are interested in the large buffalo migration, the red elephants, the majestic lion, the elegant giraffes or special birds: In Kenya you will find it. On top you will be located in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

See for yourself by taking a look at our gallery, or by getting in touch with us. We will be very pleased to meet you and are confident that you will be fall in love with Kenya, just as we did!