Big Game Fishing

Anglers love Diani Beach

Our charming Diani Sea Resort is known far beyond the borders of Kenya and attracts numerous visitors each season who want to enjoy the complete package the Kenyan coast can offer. Our external vendor has put together an offer that every fisherman and all those who wants to try something new, will love.

Diani Beach is located at the warm Indian Ocean, which extends infinitely and is very graceful. The high seas has always sparked What-a-beauty-1fascination and dreaming in humans and many prefer it over the mainland.

Each year the sea attracts the tourists, but the fishes also love this place. In the waters off Diani Beach, billions of them are frolicking in all sizes and colors.

Deep sea sports fishing is aims for the great representatives of the species and those can be found off of Diani Beach. Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin and even sharks can be found and offer fishermen a breathtaking battle. Lovers and adventure seekers will find great joy and excitement, and then have a great story to tell.

Aqualand cannot promise that you will get a big fish on the hook, but they will do the utmost to make the dream come true. They provide a highly trained team that is familiar with the waters and knows good fishing grounds. Here you can get expert advice and practical help.

They also have fishing equipment available for you, which is well up to the challenge and will not let you down. It is tailored to catch large fish in the Indian Ocean and can be customized according to your individual needs.

Of course, they provide the boat that you go out to the sea with. It is very sturdy and offers a good and safe feeling in every situation.

Add some fishing memories to your stay.

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