Our animation team and excursions

Sports, games and hikes Untehaltung

Our entertainment staff during the day, big and small, young and old with a variety of activities. Whether water aerobics in the pool, beach walk – or volleyball, boccia, tennis, there is always something to do. The afternoon is often a little more comfortable with Suaheliunterricht, darts and board games. 2 – 3 times a week take guided walks on the beach as the Colobus – Cottage place.

The evening program includes Kenyan folklore with traditional dancers and acrobats, as well as 1x weekly live band.

The Blue Marlin Fishing Club

An experience of a very special kind of passionate anglers Whether or photo Jager, a boat trip in the Indian Ocean should belong to every trip to Kenya. Although not always known fish bite, something interesting to see there are more. The body of water in front of Kenya’s coast is known for its abundance of fish. This is not least due to the intense protection of the marine parks in the reef areas. With a little luck you can catch a Blue Marlin capitals or watch the spectacular wave dance of a Sailfish with such an ocean safari.

Diani Marine

Kenya is a diving area still underestimated, but ideal conditions prevail. Divers will find the very typical for the Indian Ocean biodiversity – from colorful coral gardens on big fish to whale sharks and manta rays. The dive spots in front of Diani Beach house an extraordinary variety of rare animals such as sharks and guitar fish and anglers. A small wreck and rides in the Meeresnatinalpark Shimoni offered weekly. “Seasafaris” to Pemba in Tanzania include the fixed program of every Kenyan holiday. The dive sites here are unique and at the rapidly decreasing on large animals banked large sharks and manta rays are regularly seen.

Golf in Kenya

Kenya offers the ambitious golfers at 38 golf courses unique. One of the outstanding features of denGolfsport in Kenya is the variety that is on offer to the visitor. Between palm trees and tropical plants are on the one hand golf clubs on the coast overlooking the Indian Ocean, and on the other golf courses in the Highlands before the magnificent scenery of Mt Kenya. Most clubs have a pro shop and golfers can enjoy the luxury of a caddy. The weather provides ideal conditions for year-round golf. Our hotel guests receive at the Leisure Lodge Golf Club on Diani Beach a special discount!

Windsurfing in Kenya

Winsurfen is the most beautiful of all water sports. In no other sport you experience the Gleitgefuhl fasyinierend so elementary, simple and without danger like surfing. You need nothing but wind, a board and a rig. Ride in other sports, always with the risk – at windsurfing behind let a fall neither in nature nor in your body tracks. And windsurfing will never be bored. Even the world champion is not perfect and constantly learn new maneuvers. It is so exciting to learn how the can: The journey is the destination.