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Kite Surf Diani Beach


Renowned for its world class watersports conditions, this part of Kenya offers beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, expansive reef for wave riding enthusiasts and consistently strong trade winds throughout the year. This combination of elements ensures a fast, dynamic learning curve no matter whether you are a complete beginner looking to get into the sport or an advanced professional rider training for the upcoming season. Diani Sea Resort offers storage facilities for your equipment free of charge. If you are looking for advice or lessons, Diani Sea Resorts is just a short walk from Quest Kiteboarding School.

Quest caters for all levels, providing complete beginner tuition for those looking to partake for the first time in the sport, as well as those of you who are already ’hooked’ fanatics looking to progress further; whether that be wave riding, freestyle or just free riding.

Aside from the teaching, they are also able to offer rental equipment. They also offer full kite and board repair service.

They can also arrange local Diani downwinders where they follow the coast by water, playing out in the waves on the reef. These trips are hugely popular and they offer various departure and pick up points to cater for those looking for an afternoon of fun or a full on downwinder expedition!

Contact Quest for more information: www.questkiteboarding.com  info@questkiteboarding.com