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Scuba Diving


Diving is fascinating. While humans are used to walk around on land, the diver enters into an unnatural environment and moves under water. Here he is presented to a world that is waiting to be discovered. The majority of the Earth is covered with water, huge areas are hidden from plain view and can be seen only through a diving mask. This attracts divers to remote places around the world. A very special one of them is Diani Beach. It is not only a wonderful place with friendly people, exotic wildlife and unspoiled nature, but an underwater world that is full of visual treasures. Diani Beach is world-renowned as a diving paradise and offers visitors some special attraction.

The Indian Ocean is very warm and is known for its the beautiful color and rare fish. Almost every day the sun stands high above the sea without a cloud in the sky. The clear blue sky provides optimal viewing conditions below the water surface.. Here at the Diani Sea Resort we are particularly pleased to meet divers who have an interest in this magical landscape. We offer luxurious accommodations and first class service. As a resort, we are proud of our huge range of recreational activities that will sweeten your stay guaranteed.

Our diving school partner Diani Marine is on premises and can offer you the best diving experience for beginners and professionals alike. Our diving school partner offers free introductory lessons in our pool and for the advanced they will be able to give you some interesting suggestions for good diving spots in the area. The diving school will be able rent equipment to you on site. The instructor can also answer all your questions about this fascinating sport and offer diving courses for beginners, intermediate and professionals.

Please contact info@dianimarine.com for more information.