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Sports & Leisure

Our animation team strives to strike the perfect balance of keeping you entertained and letting you relax. We also have daily children’s activities to keep the most important family members happy.

We offer daily animation led sports activities such as water polo, beach volleyball, beach soccer, and aqua fitness.

Use your vacation to rediscover some old favorites: Try a round of ping pong, play tennis with your family, play Bao (mancala game, the famous Kenyan board game).

Want a little more intellectual stimulation? Let our animation team give you an introduction to the intricacies of the Swahili language or play a game of giant memory with a group of friends.

Kids & Family programs

Children are always a welcome sight at our hotel. Our animation team plans activities around what Kenya has to offer. For a typical day, let the animation team take them on a stroll along the beach to collect shells of all shapes and colors. Afterwards the animation team stimulates their creative side: see them create beautiful art pieces out of the shells. Or maybe you just want a little time to read? Let our animation team play ping pong or memory with them or make some bead necklaces while you get a little alone time.


Scuba Diving


Diving is fascinating. While humans are used to walk around on land, the diver enters into an unnatural environment and moves under water. Here he is presented to a world that is waiting to be discovered. The majority of the Earth is covered with water, huge areas are hidden from plain view and can be seen only through a diving mask. This attracts divers to remote places around the world. A very special one of them is Diani Beach. It is not only a wonderful place with friendly people, exotic wildlife and unspoiled nature, but an underwater world that is full of visual treasures. Diani Beach is world-renowned as a diving paradise and offers visitors some special attraction.

The Indian Ocean is very warm and is known for its the beautiful color and rare fish. Almost every day the sun stands high above the sea without a cloud in the sky. The clear blue sky provides optimal viewing conditions below the water surface.. Here at the Diani Sea Resort we are particularly pleased to meet divers who have an interest in this magical landscape. We offer luxurious accommodations and first class service. As a resort, we are proud of our huge range of recreational activities that will sweeten your stay guaranteed.

Our diving school partner Diani Marine is on premises and can offer you the best diving experience for beginners and professionals alike. Our diving school partner offers free introductory lessons in our pool and for the advanced they will be able to give you some interesting suggestions for good diving spots in the area. The diving school will be able rent equipment to you on site. The instructor can also answer all your questions about this fascinating sport and offer diving courses for beginners, intermediate and professionals.

Please contact info@dianimarine.com for more information.


Kite Surf Diani Beach


Renowned for its world class watersports conditions, this part of Kenya offers beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, expansive reef for wave riding enthusiasts and consistently strong trade winds throughout the year. This combination of elements ensures a fast, dynamic learning curve no matter whether you are a complete beginner looking to get into the sport or an advanced professional rider training for the upcoming season. Kite equipment can be stored with the Kite school for a charge. If you are looking for advice or lessons, Diani Sea Resort is just a short walk from Kite254 Kiteboarding School.

Kite254 caters for all levels, providing complete beginner tuition for those looking to partake for the first time in the sport, as well as those of you who are already ’hooked’ fanatics looking to progress further; whether that be wave riding, freestyle or just free riding.

Aside from the teaching, they are also able to offer rental equipment. They also offer full kite and board repair service.

They can also arrange local Diani downwinders where they follow the coast by water, playing out in the waves on the reef. These trips are hugely popular and they offer various departure and pick up points to cater for those looking for an afternoon of fun or a full on downwinder expedition!

Contact Kite254 for more information: www.kite254.com  info@kite254.com

Boat trips

Boat Trip


Kenya is known for its unique beaches, the wide variety of fauna, the fascinating flora and the warm Indian Ocean.

Experience all the Indian Ocean has to offer with our external vendor. On the day of the trip, you will get up early, enjoy an early breakfast at the hotel and head to Shimoni (about a 70 min drive) where a boat will be waiting for you.

Well, it’s not just an ordinary boat, but an original dhow. These boats have sailed the ocean for hundreds of years. The dhow exudes a special charm and enchants everyone who steps on board.

Despite the long history of these ships, the dhow is brand new, naturally complies with all safety standards and is equipped with a toilet.

The experienced crew knows the area very well and can recommend great places that you simply must see. However, if you even have any requests, do not hesitate to inform them. They will make every effort to fulfill them.

The dhow offers enough space to bring your friends and family. There will be plenty of time to take beautiful photos of the fantastic sights that you encounter during the dhow tour.

Please contact Aqualand for your booking: www.aqualand-kenya.com


Jetski Diani Beach


Experience the beautiful view of Diani from the open sea and get to know another fascinating parts of the coast. Aqualand provides modern safety equipment and you are always accompanied by a Jet Ski expert and lifeguard. While dolphins are always a beautiful sight they ensure that they keep a safe distance and watch them peacefully as not to disturb them in their natural habitat.

Book with Aqualand: www.aqualand-kenya.com

Big game fishing

Deep sea sports fishing in Kenya is synonymous with sailfish, Dorado, Marlin and even sharks. Lovers and adventure seekers will find great joy and excitement, and then have a great story to tell.

Aqualand cannot promise that you will get a big fish on the hook, but they will do the utmost to make the dream come true. They provide a highly trained team that is familiar with the waters and knows good fishing grounds. help.

They also have fishing equipment available for you, which is well up to the challenge and will not let you down. It is tailored to catch large fish in the Indian Ocean and can be customized according to your individual needs.

Add some fishing memories to your stay.

Contact Blue Marlin Fishing Club for more information: fishing@dianibeach.eu


Leisure Golf Club Diani Beach


Kenya offers the ambitious golfer 38 unique to golf courses. One of the great features for the game of golf in Kenya is the variety offered. The golf clubs along the Indian Ocean offer  palm trees and tropical plants on the one hand, and usually some wildlife sightings. Most clubs have a pro shop and golfers can enjoy the luxury of a caddy. The weather is ideal for year round golf. The Leisure Lodge Golf Club in Diani Beach, located about 5 minutes from the hotel.


We do not sell Safaris at the hotel, however, a trip to Kenya is not complete without a beautiful safari to one of the great national parks.

Please check with your tour operator or contact us via Email for recommendations.